The dreamy locations in my books

Have you ever dreamt of visiting some of the incredible places that authors write about in their books? Well, as a writer, even I dream of those places that I write about in my books. No, I haven’t been to these locations yet, but I will eventually go to these places one day… maybe next week if I win lotto.

Beautiful New Zealand

As a writer, we are told continuously, ‘Write what you know.’ This is not a term or a statement that I agree with. I think that as writers, we should write what we are passionate about. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to know everything about the subject. We do, however, need to know how to do research.

As some of you already know, I have massive amounts of location research that I have stored away. I thought that from now on I would do a post a week on these incredible locations that I have so lovingly written about. It almost seems like a total waste just to leave all this wonderful research just sitting there with nowhere to go, and nothing to use it for. So I thought this was an ideal opportunity to utilise it.

Just to give you a little teaser for what’s in store – here are five locations that I will be writing about in the weeks to come:

  • Menorca Island
  • Bora Bora and Mataiva Island
  • Venice
  • Sesimbra town in Portugal
  • Monaco

There are many more places that I will blog on as well, but I thought that this could be a good start. Once I have done these, I will have another look into it, and see if it’s worth me continuing.

So that’s my plan at the moment… we’ll see how it goes. Bring on the future travel related posts! I’m hoping that the first one will be up this weekend. Hope you all enjoy the ride. You never know what you might find out along the way!


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  1. I’m really looking forward to this, because I haven’t been anywhere exotic or even remotely interesting. LOL So I shall live vicariously through you until I can afford to visit the places in my own dreams. 🙂


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