Tijuana Nights

Since I am currently writing this new thriller… I thought that I would share a little bit about my main character with you. Firstly – I love my new main character, McKenna. She is useless! Well. She’s just not very talented at her chosen careers. There are parts of McKenna that are so naive.

She’s a qualified Historian, and she has been pottering about in that field unsuccessfully for a number of years. But she loves history, and looking deeper into things, so being a historian has always sated her curiosity for the unknown.

McKenna is attracted to idiots. Yes, I know. We all have our moments… however – these guys really do need a bullet. One – she managed to stay in an eight year relationship with, and now he is taking her for all he can, thus forcing McKenna to try a few new career options.

McKenna tried to be a hooker, but never actually managed to sleep with anyone. Now she is trying to be an assassin and still hasn’t managed to kill anyone yet.

And in the meantime – the baddies are running a muck, McKenna is running for her life, and she really has no one left to turn to.

Here is the draft blurb for you guys to have a read over:

McKenna has always been sensible in her life. The only thing she wasn’t sensible with was who she fell in love with. When Luke leaves her after an eight year relationship, he threatens to take half of her assets with him, unless she pays him out. Not something that is easily achieved on the low wage she has been earning as a part time historian. 

This forces McKenna to turn to the darker side of society to try and earn the money to not only save her family home, but also keep her aging aunt in the medical care that she requires.

When a contract Assassin approaches McKenna to be a ‘distraction’ on an operation in Mexico, she readily agrees – thinking only of the money that has been promised in return. With the money she could earn from one job, it would pay off a good proportion of what Luke is asking for.

However, when McKenna completes the ‘distraction’ job, and is on her way home to England, she misses her flight out of Tijuana. The plane explodes not long after take off, and that is when McKenna realises that she is in deeper than she ever imagined.

Thanks to her ‘distraction’ skills, McKenna is now the target interest of a major Mexican operation.

And the only people she can turn to in a foreign country are the same people who put her in danger in the first place.

This is now not a simple game of distraction. It’s now a game of survival.



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