Dreamers dream… Writers write.

Earlier today I was visiting a friend, and she was saying about how one day she wanted to be a writer just like me. She seems to think that now that I am on maternity leave, all I am doing is writing my life away until Bump is born. (I wish!) But I’m flattered that I have inspired her dream of writing… and as this post is titled – dreamers dream. My friend is a ‘dreamer’ until she picks up that pen and puts her creativity to paper. Then she will be a writer. Right now – she just aspires to write one day. (I’m actually quite surprised, considering she lived with me for years and saw how ratty I can get if I can’t get my words out on paper!)

I think that first and foremost – I am a dreamer. Then I am a writer. I say this because of the way that I process and dream up new story ideas, plots, twists, and characters. I often dream about my work, literally! 😉 Often I am day dreaming, and often I am asleep and dreaming. There are times that I wake and everything is so vivid that I have to write it down into my notebook, so that I can develop it later.

I dream of writing too. I dream of writerly success… of writing thrillers that some movie director will one day pick up and turn into a block buster movie. This is where I am being a complete dreamer, because until I get my backside into gear and get my bigger work actually published, that dream is what it is. A dream. But it’s nice dream to dream.

Then I have the other side of me who is trying to write thrillers that will appeal to a wide range of people out there, so that I am not limiting my marketability.

So there you have it. I dream of one day selling my work for someone to make a movie out of it. I think that this is a dream that many writers share. We all know that once your work is made into a movie and is reaching a much much wider audience, the rest of your books usually snowball out of control with sales. We all want that. We all want the money. Some even want the publicity. (Strangely – I’m not too keen on the publicity stuff… perhaps that is my inner recluse showing itself!) But this is why we have PR people out there in the world. I’m pretty sure JK Rowling wasn’t too keen on it at the start either!

In the meantime though, I’ll just keep writing. Because that is what I am – a writer – and writers write.


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  1. First, I am glad to know I’m not the only one who gets “ratty” when I don’t get the words out. Second, bravo for saying it for all of us writers. I am also a dreamer first, then a writer. But one has to dream in order to write. Aftefall, we live in a world of our own dreaming! -AH


    1. Ooooooooh, I love dreaming. Speaking of that – I should probably go and join that world for the next 8 hours (*snickers* – no one ever told me that you get sleep deprivation DURING pregnancy!)


  2. I absolutely love this post! I definitely started out as a dreamer, but I’m working my way up to being a writer now. It’s a lot harder than I anticipated, at least *staying* on track with writing is. Like in a lot of things though, the hardest part is usually just starting. 🙂


    1. You have to be stubborn to be able to do it. Or ‘tenacious’ as my mother calls me. Either way – you have to have a clear line to walk on without too much wavering. And once your feet are steady on that line… and you have been walking a little while… everything starts to fall into place. Before you know it, you have been writing consistently either on something, or regularly.
      All the best with your writing, Aly! It’s nice to see you hanging out here at Parchment Place 🙂


  3. A good friend and former Executive Editor for a Canadian magazine asked me yesterday “who has time to write” (now that he’s retired)? I wrote back and told him “anyone who loves to write. If you want to you can do it, even if it’s an hour when you get up or 20 minutes at lunch or 30 minutes before bed.”

    It irks me when I get the question “who has the time?” We make the time because it’s important, even when the words aren’t coming or we write ourselves off the path and have to edit our way back on.

    I love to write, love this creative, emotional, messy beautiful part of me. I’m so glad I’m a writer. And dreamer.


    1. Absolutely!
      Imagine how bored you would be if you didn’t? I don’t know what the majority of the population do when they are at home. I guess they watch tv, and become awesome at baking cupcakes or something… But I look back to the years when I wasn’t writing, and I was usually occupied with painting canvases, or designing something, or even just sitting down and being a movie buff. Still all creative in some sort of way.
      I’m just pleased that I write, and dream, and have some form of creative output. It’s the only way to live.


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