Create a life

“Re-tune your thoughts to reflect the environment you want.” ~ LkH, 2013

My ‘Evil Day Job’ now has a finite period remaining in it. Yes, finally, after nearly nine fabulous years of working in the NZ Treaty Sector, I have worked myself into redundancy.

Now, with a huge environmental change like this, a lot of people would probably find this sort of thing incredibly hard to deal with. Funnily enough though, I’m happy. I know that I have put my heart and soul into my Evil Day Job, and I have worked my ass off.

I have seen huge successes, and I have seen tragedies. There has been lots laughter, shenanigans, arguments, hilarity, tears, anger, good times, and more often than not – bonds as strong as family. But I am ready to go. I have been mentally preparing myself for this for a long time.

So what will I do?

Well, you can bet your ass that I’ll keep writing. You can even bet your ass that I’ll publish some of my larger works. But in terms of the Evil Day Job? Who knows. I’m looking forward to working out the next step in my life.

In the mean time, I’ll keep up my positive attitude, as cast the nets far and wide out to my contacts. The universe always has a way of providing when you ask for it.


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  1. Onwards and upwards! I know you’ll find something else that you enjoy, that you will make life work for you, and I am REALLY excited to see this next phase! Go you good thing 🙂


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