No More NaNoWriMo

nanowrimoSo – you may be wondering how I have been since the end of NaNoWriMo – and how I went?
Well – technically I failed. I didn’t make my 50k for the month. However, I did write 45k, and that I am proud of. It was a strange November for me. I managed to get a new Evil Day Job, and started that, as well as some cover design work. So I spent a fair bit of time doing cover mock-ups, and going through interviews and trying to settle into a new job. It was a weird month. Usually I love doing NaNoWriMo each year – but this year it was hard to try and juggle so many different facets of life.
And I’m still in that mode of trying to juggle writing the end of this book, which I estimate to be about another 20k, work full time, be mummy, and do cover design work. I guess I need to fall into a better routine, and get myself sorted out.
My Dark-Horse-Writing-Buddy, Richard did a great post on how he felt about NaNo 2013, and he asked me to contribute a little about how I felt and went for the month. You can read it over at Punk Killed Disco.
Will I ever do NaNo again? Probably. But right now I do need a bit of a break. I don’t want my writing to suffer from the whole ‘Words for Word’s Sake’ pressure that NaNo puts on me. I want to write decent quality books, and not something that it going to need serious serious revision and editing, all because I was writing crap to get my word-count up. While a lot of the time NaNoWriMo Words often have nuggets of gold in them that you never would have considered if you were writing like a normal person… this time round though, my biggest goal was to do this storyline some serious justice. I need to. It’s a great story – but I need it to be a seriously awesome book. And to do that – I need to go at my own pace, and not feel too pressured.
So – I guess that’s my debrief. Head over to Richard’s blog and have a read. In the meantime, I’ll be doing cover designs, and trying to get the end of this book wrapped up before Christmas.
Here’s a great post on 13 Ugly Truths About Nanowrimo, which I found rather entertaining. I can honestly say that they are all relevant.


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  1. Words for words sake is really the bane of NaNo. I think a lot of the time it takes way longer to edit crappy words than words you have the time to consider a little more – personally, I don’t envy anyone the editing of a nano novel! lol I know mine were always filled with things that needed cutting.
    Good luck finishing the novel – I have faith you can do the story justice. You rock 🙂


  2. Congrats on doing Life in addition to NaNo. I didn’t “win” either, but I can’t say I’m disappointed by reaching 43K. There’s gotta be at least one good paragraph amongst all the late night, caffeine-induced crap. And great link at the end. Would have been great to read that in the beginning of November (which truly is a terrible month to do this).


    1. 43k is a pretty hefty chunk of work to get through! Well done. And yes I agree with you about the crap timing – but when is it ever right? Even though November is the end of Spring/start of Summer for us – we are constantly getting invited to early Xmas parties, drinks, and everyone celebrating the warmer weather.


  3. My “goal” for NaNoWriMo was 25K because I had a busy month with the Touch Hawaii video crew coming (I’m their article writer) and we were on the go for most of three weeks. I got some good material for a bunch of articles and pretty much did a couple thousand good words when I had the energy. They left on the 22nd, so I finally had time to write — only to have American Thanksgiving thrown in, and a trip to the volcanoes and…

    Well, I made my goal of 25K, and then some. I probably have at least 10K words in notes — and I finished the novel yesterday. It stands around 78,600 words. I’m now revising another book (156K words). The read-through is going well.

    I think the trick to Nano is to have a decent idea of where you want to go with each chapter and then let it flow from there. Perhaps that’s the trick to any good writing.



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