Mediterranean Read Through

ImageI have been reading through a copy of my book Mediterranean Dream, and seriously considering changing the name back to ‘The Mediterranean Source’, the original title. My husband thinks that I have cut half the book’s market out by giving it a girly name, and a part of me thinks he’s right. What dude is going to pick up a book called Mediterranean Dreams? Sounds way too feminine. And while it’s a girly thriller, I would like to hope that some males would read it… if I’m lucky. Maureen Johnson ran an interesting experiment on twitter a while back, dubbed Coverflip, where she talked about wanting to see covers written by men (for a dominantly male audience) and women (dominantly female audience), but redesigned to suit the opposite sex’s desirability to read the book. There are some really good examples of how covers are tailored to either female or male readers, and some of the designs that came through (the Coverflip) of what the cover could look like to capture a much wider market.

Anyway – back to my read through. While it has a few issues with it in terms of point of view shifts within scenes in just a couple of the scenes, I’m thinking it’s pretty good. Yes, it definitely needs a line edit/proof. Absolutely. And I know I’m not the person to do that, as I just can’t see the forest through the trees with that one.

But so far, I’m 105 pages into the book, and I’m actually quite riveted by it. I figure that as the author of it, I should be a bit… I dunno… in a ‘I know what’s coming’ frame of mind?, but this book still excites me.

So, perhaps one day in the near future I will be able to sort this book out, clean it up, and perhaps release it to the masses. I’m undecided on if I should submit it to a publisher, or if I should put it straight onto the Amazon press. Either way, it will get off my desk – and hopefully soon!


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  1. I completely know what you mean. I fell into my science fiction novel and was sorry when it ended. BUT it has a bit of a soft middle, so I am going to work on its core muscles, then we’ll see. I agree you need betas for your book.

    Happy Christmas.


      1. I am usually my daughter’s line editor and she is mine. I hope you find a good one, because you’re right, it’s the picky line-edit stuff that really helps.


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