Notes to my younger self

ImageThis is only a quick post… but I saw this image on Facebook today, and I wondered what on earth I would say to my younger self. After thinking about it for a long time, I think that there is actually a number of things I would like to say to my younger self… some of them longer than two words, but all of them relevant.
So instead I have compiled a number of them together – and I’ll try and keep them to two words… if I can:

  • Life’s short
  • Dream big
  • Write hard
  • Edit better
  • Love and laugh
  • Don’t do negative
  • Holistic living
  • Exercise more
  • Eat better
  • Sleep more (within reason)
  • Family matters more
  • Stress: Overrated
  • Work: Overrated (Although one must pay bills and all…)
  • Live free
  • Carpe diem

So on that note – what would you guys say to your younger self if you have the chance to travel back in time? And would you have listened? Me? Probably not, as I’m pretty darn stubborn.


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  1. I think mine would simply be – you are not Satan’s child, and all the bad stuff doesn’t happen because of you, so stop feeling responsible for it all.


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