A little inspiration…

Those of you who know me well, know that I love music – I write to it, I have soundtracks set up for my life, and I live by it. A side effect of this is that I often come across some pretty amazing footage on YouTube, and I thought I would share.
So… as part of my blogging life, I have decided that this is the year I want to do something a little different. This year I would like to post to my blog a few times a week if I can… but not all writing related stuff. Some of it will be video clips, others will be images that hopefully provoke warm fuzzies or thoughtfulness…
Most of all, I really want this blog place to provide entertainment to my readers – since there are a few of you out there now, and I actually care about the content I want to put out there.
This video clip is seriously epic. I mean, I love Rudimental (the music artists) as well – but the video clip is seriously awe-inspiring. If you don’t like the music, that’s fine – turn the sound off – but watch the clip, because it’s amazing.
It’s about a little boy who is bullied, and all he wants to do is fly away. Flash-forward to today, and the boy is now a man, camping on the side of a mountain. He has a dream to do something, and no matter what the past has been – he has the desire to make it happen.


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