Just wanted to say thank you…

desk-glasses-notebook-3061-825x550Over the past couple of months everything in my life has been been pretty hectic. But the one amazing thing that has kept me going? All the incredible reviews that my book TIJUANA NIGHTS has been getting.

It’s incredibly humbling to realise just how well this book is being received by readers out there. Every couple of days, I wake up to see a brand new spanking review on the book, and seriously, it’s the best way to start my day. I’m actually just amazed.

I keep waiting and waiting for that 1 star review to appear… but so far it hasn’t. And this honestly makes me feel like I’m on the right track. But that inevitable 1 star review? I know that it’s going to happen. Will I rejoice? I highly doubt it. There will probably be a few tears. But until I know my book has truly offended someone… (and it will!) then I will really know that it’s getting the broad spectrum of readership I want it to get.

In the meantime… I’m just going to keep writing. I have another book to get out! I’m trying to get VENICE NIGHTS out on the market in December – although this may end up being January at the rate I’m going. But it has to happen! After all… I seem to be developing this incredible fanbase. I knew that I believed sincerely in this book… but I’m pretty humbled by everyone else’s support for it as well. It’s kind of amazing.

To end this post – I thought I would paste in a review that was left today by a sci-fi writer, whose work I’ve quite enjoyed in the paste… Yep. I pretty much cried. Must be hormonal.

Non Stop Action

I was intrigued by the title and captivated by the story right from the start. Even though I missed the opening book in this series, I quickly caught on to the characters. Mack… Well I wish I had dreamt her up. The story starts off with a bang (literally) and never lets up. Get lost in the underworld of the drug cartels, murder, mayhem, crosses and double crosses. Our girl Mack keeps her cool (sort of) through it all and in the process finds out just who she really is, and what she is made of. This is a team of misfits and loners who have found one another and manage to click on multiple levels. Chase, the debonair playboy who has met his match in Mack. River, the resourceful Special Forces commando type, who loves peace and tranquil places, and Gabe the computer geek who is just full of surprises. And let’s not forget Mack the reluctant assassin in whose voice this book is narrated. Absolutely will follow this series to the end… I am a fan!

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