2015 GOALS!

writing goalsEvery year I do a goals post of things that I want to get done and achieved. This year in terms of writing and publishing, it’s going to be a big one. Unfortunately, once you start on the publishing pathway, you can’t really turn back. You have to keep going. I read this fantastic book called Write Publish Repeat. Highly recommended for anyone who is in the writing game. But that’s what we do. We write, we publish, and then we repeat. Writing books is like a never ending cycle of creativity, one that I love with all my heart.

So this year – what am I doing? A lot, apparently!

I managed to finish writing Venice Nights, so the editing begins on that very shortly. But YAY – something achieved for 2015 already!

  1. Edit and publish Venice Nights. Cover reveal coming soon as well! This book will be coming to a store near you in late January/early Feb, depending on the editing process. After writing half of this book in the past week, I am now doing the read through before it hits my editors desk. Amazingly, it’s keeping me rather riveted!
  2. Write and publish Paris Nights. This book takes the Noctem team on a slightly different mission to their usual assassination game. But it’s a mission that costs Mack something very dear to her heart.
  3. Breaking Chase - Leigh K. Hunt - Novella 2015Write and publish Breaking Chase. Chase Stirling is one of the leading characters of the Noctem team, and this will be a chunky novella based on him.
  4. Write and publish a set of Dystopian Novellas with a team of other authors. Eeeep. This is going to be really challenging for me as an author. While I love reading the genre, I’ve never written in it. It will definitely be a fantastic experience.
  5. Rewrite and publish The Mediterranean Source. This thriller is already written, however, because I wrote it in 2008, the writing standard and style needs to be uplifted – hence the rewrite. I’m expecting release of this book to be around September/October, all things going well.
  6. Write River’s Edge. Publishing date is yet to be determined – it may be 2016. Once again, River is one of the leading characters in the Noctem team, and once again, this will be a chunky sized novella for readers to sink their teeth into.
  7. Write London Nights. Publishing date won’t be till 2016, but this book is desperate to be written. A part of me wants this book out to the masses before Paris Nights, but it can’t be done. There are too many things that need to happen to Mack and the Noctem Team that drive them back to London. There are certain people from the novella, London Dusk, who will certainly get their comeuppance. And I’m just itching to write it. All good things take time, though!

Goal-is-a-wishAs well as all of that, Dwell Design & Press will continue producing book covers and do author/book branding. I still can’t quite believe how far this little business has come over the last 18 months. A lot has been going on, and I always have work on the go with it. I absolutely love it. Some days the workload is massive, and I wonder a lot about taking on a design student to help me out. I’ll weigh up my options with that one depending on how I go.

Moscow Dawn was planned for 2015, however, due to circumstances in Venice Nights, I’m going to have to put it on hold for the moment. It will come… I promise. Just not in the foreseeable 12 months.

Okay, so that’s the goals list this year. Write two novels, rewrite one, publish three, and a couple of novellas. Oh, and raise a child, maintain a marriage, and continue making money in my Evil Day Job. Boy… I better get cracking then, huh?!

Wish me luck.

P.s. I can’t WAIT for Venice Nights to get out there!

Venice Nights Banner

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