The Nights Series: J is for Justice and Judgement

summer-with-gun-A key theme in The Nights Series is the need for justice. Mack in particular, is driven by this. If she comes across people who are less than savoury towards others, then she almost feels as though it’s a personal responsibility of hers to take that person out, in order to help others live a better life.

In the life of McKenna Carmichael, depending on the severity of the crimes, ultimately depends on whether or not she will take on the job. She’s more than aware that the rest of the team will kill others for a paycheck. But she’s different.

To her, the crimes matter and the victims matter. Based on her judgement, she will bring them justice.

“As long as I get to choose who I kill, then I’m in. I don’t want to kill anyone who doesn’t deserve it. If we research my targets and they have murdered multiple people, or terrorised a community, then I will do my job. But I’m not killing innocents. That’s the bottom line.”

There are other characters in the series where their judgement has absolutely nothing to do with justice or judgement. Most of those characters are the baddies. As a writer, I absolutely love writing bad dudes. And I love it even more when they get their just desserts. That’s my judgement and justice as the writer, for the reader.

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  1. It definitely falls to the writer to mete out justice. As a reader I get frustrated when I’m wanting more from the writer in this department. I’m very much like this character, MC, in that I would have no problem eradicating those that deserve it, indeed I’d enjoy it. When it comes to innocents, as you call them, not interested in collateral damage. Though, I guess it can’t always be helped, can it! 🙂

    Great J post – I hope you’re enjoying your journey through this A to Z Challenge.

    Jenny, Pearson Report
    2015 A to Z Challenge Ambassador


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