Delays and reasoning

Venice Nights e-CoverI know that you are all waiting incredibly patiently for me to release Venice Nights. I also know that I have been talking about this book getting released for months. There have been so many delays on this release, I’m appalled. However, I’m going to explain what’s been happening, and just maybe, you might understand.

I have had a huge load of design work this year, which while is really awesome; it has also seriously impacted my ability to get through the edits on this book. But despite the design load, as normally this wouldn’t be a problem, it’s actually the issues that I have been having with my shoulder that’s the real problem.

You see, I have damaged my rotation cuff in my right shoulder, which has had me in oodles of pain for nearly a year. Now, I am on some fairly serious meds for it, which to be honest – they screw with my head. And when my head is being screwed with? It means that I definitely have issues writing, designing, and just operating at a normal level of efficiency. Having these issues also means that I can’t even pick up my daughter properly, which is absolutely heartbreaking. The doctor has confirmed that I don’t need surgery though, which is the biggest relief in the world. Unfortunately, it does still mean that I’m going to need months and months of rehabilitation to try and fix the damn thing.

So, in amongst all of this chaos, I’m still trying to finish Venice Nights. But the only way I can do it is if I stay off any medication, which means that I effectively must have my pain management under full control to be able to do it, as well as have the mental space and time to actually get some work done. Speaking of which… I’m going to go and try to get some done now that I have given you the update. Hopefully there will be a new Nights thriller for you all to read soon!

Thank you for always being so patient with me. It’s certainly been a very trying time lately.

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  1. Hey honey, I know how hard it can be trying to work with pain, but you have to do what is right for you. Take care of yourself x x


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