And the ball is rolling… Once again

perfect day 2A whole heap of things have been happening with me lately, and that also feels like a whole lot of nothing as well. And having that sort of stance is really not a good boost for any Creative’s emotional morale.

Venice Nights e-CoverHowever. Things are now going to start happening again very very quickly. First off the ranks is going to be the release of Venice Nights in August. I’m not even joking. This is rolling full steam ahead. My editor is currently on the final edit round of the book, and I just have to whip up a few more end chapters for her. (Like that’s going to happen with the magical click of the fingers! Eeeeep!)

So, in order to make this happen, I have applied for some leave from work to get there, because my Evil Day Job (not really – I actually love it…) takes up loads of time, and I find that by the time I get home at night I’m thoroughly exhausted, with little motivation to sit down at my laptop and get any words on the page.

But, I’ve committed to going to the New Zealand Independent Book Festival in October, and I really now have deadlines that I absolutely can’t miss. Going to a festival or a massive writer’s conference has always been a dream of mine. I’m just absolutely chuffed that we have one happening this year in Auckland. And in order for me to be ready for that, I need to get Venice Nights ready for print in August.

So. That’s my update in my writing world.

blessed weird peopleIn my design world, there has been a lot going on. So many authors are releasing amazing books all over the place at the moment or in the very near future. Go check out Graham Storrs (The Credulity Nexus is very good!), Catherine Mede (Shards f Ice is releasing shortly), Emma Lindhagen, Amanda Staley, and J.C. Hart. Everything is very exciting in that publishing realm at the moment, and trust me – you won’t regret it! I’m also just going to put out there that Richard Parry’s Night’s Favour is an extremely entertaining read if you love werewolves and medical action thrillers.

Time for me to sign off.

There are a lot of excellent things lined up for the future. I just need to keep my Rotation Cuff shoulder pain away, and off painkillers! Amazingly my head feels very clear at the moment, and I have plans.

You can expect another thriller out of me hopefully this year, and potentially a girly drama but that’s still rather up in the air.


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