There are times when people ask me just how I stay so motivated to write, and how I harness the discipline.

Young woman reading a book lying in a hammock

It’s my readers. There is nothing more wonderful than hearing from readers on what they think of my books. When I hear that they love something, I know that I’m onto something that is enjoyable for others. I’m creating worlds that they can escape to. I love that more than anything in the world.

However, that’s just the end result of my writing. When I go into the creative zone, it’s very difficult to get me out of it. It’s a space that I absolutely love to indulge myself in. My imagination is absolutely limitless when it comes to writing fiction. It’s getting the right emotions, feelings, and visuals on the page that is a delightful challenge.

Music also assists me with my creative outlets. There is nothing quite like listening to amazing pieces created by somebody else to throw me right into the guts of my work. It’s the perfect zone. I have an unbelievable amount of playlists put together on Spotify, as well as other music on my hard-drives that I just know will always be perfect for any writing moment. I grew up playing the piano, violin, and the guitar, so the sound of music is very very important to me. Much more important than any television programme or movie could ever be. I remember writing the ending chapters of Tijuana Nights and listening to a particular song by Banks on repeat, and crying my way through through the final words of the story. There was just something about her words and the rhythms of the track that just kept be writing on to the very end.

tribeAnd of course, I have my teams around me. When I’m talking teams, I’m really talking about my little writing tribes. These grouping are perfect in almost every way. We connect in ways that stretch me, and that I am so damn grateful for. If I didn’t have these incredible people around me, then I would probably wander a little lost. These are the people I turn to every single day and connect with. If I ever have a problem, they are there to listen and talk to.

Lately I have had trouble thinking beyond the pain I have been in, and the amount of painkillers I need to take to maintain minimal pain levels. This is a terrible space to be in, but it’s never stopped me remembering how I am inspired to write. I have these incredible different components that all fit together perfectly to help me.

Write hard. Write inspired. Life is too short not to do the things that you love.

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